Your First LCD Flat Screen TV

Are you ready to buy your very first LCD flat screen TV? LCD flat screen TVs are becoming more and more popular and they have recently had dramatic price drops. If you are in the market for a new flat screen TV, then you have many choices before you.

The plasma screen was one of the most exciting consumer electronics products to hit the market in the last 10 years. Now however, the LCD flat screen TV's are catching on for many reasons. Plasma screens tend to use more electricity, and are heavier which makes wall mounting more difficult. Another drawback with plasma is that the screens are a bit 'softer' and are more easily scratched. When Plasma flat screen TV's were first produced, their life expectancy was around 20,000 hours but now with the newer generations of plasma screens, their life span is closer to 50-60,000 hours.

One of the advantages of LCD TV's is that they not susceptible to burn-in and usually is less expensive than plasma televisions. Because of the nature of LCD technology, there is no radiation emitted from the screen itself. It is also lighter weight than the plasma counterpart and thus easier to hang.

Plasma screens, in general, handle faster moving images better than LCD's. Plasma and LCD screens may look similar, but that is really where their similarities end. Some LCD do not have the level of color accuracy as plasma displays. Historically plasma screens had better viewing angles than LCD. You would tend to see color variations with side viewing of the LCD's, while the Plasma screen colors remained more solid.

Prices vary from company to company, so it is smart to shop around. One good place to find great deals is at Argos Catalogue. There are many makes, models, sizes and prices associated with the LCD flat display. The prices of the TVs will vary, depending on the size, manufacturer, model and merchant. The name brands are going to be substantially more expensive than the non name brands.

Once you get that LCD flat screen up on your wall with a TV wall mount, you will surely have no buyer's remorse. They are totally cool and in no time your entire family will be enjoying blu ray movies and games in crisp, vivid, full HD splendor on your LCD flat screen TV and have forgotten they ever had another kind.

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