It was not too long ago that flat screen televisions started being sold to consumers throughout the world. Prices for flat screen televisions continued to drop and drop which made them affordable. It seems that in today's world most people have flat screen televisions instead of old style televisions. The majority of people in the United States have at least one flat screen television.

The first models of flat screen televisions did not come with high definition because they were plasmas. High definition was soon introduced and you could get a flat screen television with HD if you were willing to pay more. As people continued to purchase flat screen televisions the prices of HD flat screen TVs began to drop.

As the price of plasma televisions began to go down, a new type of television called an LCD came out. LCD screens are similar to plasma televisions and last much longer which encouraged more people to purchase them. If you walk into a store that sells televisions today you will see mostly LCD screens along with a few plasma televisions.

Samsung has recently introduced a new kind of television screen to the market. LCD screens and LED screens have a lot in common except for the fact that backlighting forces companies to make televisions that are 1.2 inches thin. These same television sets are also environmentally friendly because they use 40% less energy than most televisions.

If you go into a store and take a look at some of the LED TVs, you will be amazed amazed. Some people are worried about flat screen televisions falling off of their wall because of how much they weigh. However, newer LED televisions are very thin and do not weigh that much. These new televisions have an extremely bright screen and provide a crystal clear picture. The price of these new televisions is double what an LCD screen would cost, but the price will continue to drop in the future. More and more televisions will continue to be made in the future which will make the price steadily drop.

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